Älykylä – The New Way of smart living

Juri Lurila, CEO

The Älykylä® -smart village concept was born, as did so many innovations in the past. There was a clear need to do things differently to turn the decline of the rural population into a growth. I have noticed over the past couple of years, that in our country many people wrestle with the same challenges. As reported by a survey made by Finland’s national public broadcasting company YLE, up to four out of five Finns want rural areas to remain vibrant. Combining many studies showing that happier people live in the countryside, it is not difficult to see people in the vicinity of nature in a peaceful residential environment.

The Älykylä® is a product through which we want to offer the best possible living environment for those who want to live in a comfortable, communal and peaceful way. The residents of the ÄlykyläTM -smart village also appreciate the cheaper, more environmentally and climate-friendly solutions. Furthermore, they appreciate the solutions which are more resistant to external changes. We aim to offer a more sustainable housing option where the resident is the most important.

The concept has been very well received. In the municipality of Utajärvi, we have reached the phase where marketing to potential residents has begun, and in the municipality of Sodankylä, the Älykylä Association will promote the establishment of the local smart village. Furthermore, there are dozens of other projects under pending. The popularity that has risen in a short time indicates faith in the concept. Changing the world is possible.

At the moment we are looking for funding to meet the demand for growth. For investors who wish to participate in the development of their sponsored company and to support the development of rural vitality, we offer a good deal. Rural repopulation is done together!

Juri Laurila


ASV Arctic Smart Village Oy Ltd

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