Älykylä® Smart Village-concept

Our values include improving rural vitality, community spirit, and quality of life, environmental friendliness, carbon neutrality, reliability, and resident orientation.

ASV Arctic Smart Village Oy Ltd is a young innovative start-up company from Rovaniemi, Finland. The Company provides viable, financially sustainable and community-based modern village solutions to the northern environment. It has created the Älykylä®  -smart village concept, which is an innovative model of carbon neutral, sustainable and environmentally friendly way of living. With the Älykylä® -concept, ASV Arctic Smart Village Oy Ltd aims to enable people to have a happy life in a clean, healthy environment while respecting and saving nature. 

In the Älykylä®  -smart village concept the cost of living is reduced with a new way of thinking. It has been developed to enhance the vitality of the rural areas and the well-being of people. In the Älykylä ®, the resource wisdom increases by utilising the circular economy.  The main aim of the Älykylä -smart village concept is to create a co-operational living ecosystem, which follows the principles and rules of the shared economy and shared co-value economy. Modern, energy-self-sufficient Älykylä®  attracts people who want to live in an advanced, resource wise and communal way. The Älykylä®  -smart Village is the perfect solution for every modern way of thinking person!  

The Älykylä®  takes advantage of the opportunities created by the Fourth Industrial Revolution to change traditional concepts of work and production. The Älykylä®  also changes customary administrative and financial models to generate added value and additional income for its residents. It uses several existing solutions in a new modern way for the benefit of the community. Life-cycle thinking, based on the village’s energy production, joint procurement, service delivery, and a community-entrepreneurship, creates living time savings. In the Älykylä®  -smart village model, residents can organise a tender for procurement in phases, from design to construction, through larger bidding stages already during the construction stage.  

From the beginning the Älykylä® -smart village is implemented according to sustainable development.  While living in the Älykylä®  -smart village, the residents are pioneers in promoting climate-friendly, ecological and resource-rich housing. The residents will decide together on how much they pay for energy, water or the Internet. The residents of the Älykylä®  -smart village own the companies providing the essential services in the smart village. By investing in living in the Älykylä ®, the residents save money, increase their equity ratio and gain decision-making power. With joint ownership, residents also create solutions for many other everyday consumption needs, such as motoring. Shared ownership, energy production or services – As a resident of the Älykylä ®, individuals choose themselves the size of the carbon footprint they leave out of their convenience.  

The Älykylä®  -smart village concept has been well received in Finland and the EU. Currently, in Finland, the ASV Arctic Smart Village Oy Ltd is negotiating with several municipalities to launch the Älykylä®  project. Furthermore, the aim is to start the preparation of the EU project, which would create the opportunities to extend the Älykylä® -concept to other EU countries. In the future, the company also aims to broader internationalisation. Already in the USA, the State of Alaska is interested in the possibilities of the concept.  We are now sowing the seeds of future rural life. Join our journey toward a new way of smart living.

Älykylä.fi – Portal for competitive tendering
In the Älykylä®  projects the Älykylä.fi portal will operate as a channel for bidding and tendering between the customer and the supplier. To be involved in tendering, companies are required to register as portal service providers. We also require registered companies to adhere to the values of ASV Arctic Smart Village Oy Ltd. These values include improving rural vitality, community spirit, and quality of life, environmental friendliness, carbon neutrality, reliability, and resident orientation. The customer receives the best deals from the appropriate companies.  The service is user-friendly and easy for the customer.

The KasvuOpen

During its existence, the Älykylä® -smart village has received much good feedback from many different actors and now the prestigious jury of the Kasvu Open has noticed our excellence. The jury chose ASV Arctic Smart Village Oy Ltd to participate in the Growth Path program as one of the best growth potential companies.

The Kasvu Open is the largest national project for sparring eager to grow companies with growth experts in Finland. It harnesses the best experts in the country, the most visionary investors and the most experienced entrepreneurs to think about every eager to grow company’s growth potential.  As a result, companies have a clarified growth plan, an extended network of the best possible growth venture experts and investors in the country.

Kasvu Open’s sparring partners are the brightest stars in Finland’s corporate sphere – angel investors, entrepreneurs, marketers, sales experts, and internationalisation experts, united by one common goal: helping your business grow and prosper.

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Juri Laurila