What is Älykylä?

ÄlykyläTM is a new way of Smart living. Our goal is to start ”ruralization”. In other words we want to change the direction of the population development and attract more people to move to the rural areas. We think that even though people are moving to the cities, they actually dream about living in sparcely populated areas. We are offering a new, alternative option for living. We want to make people happy!

In our philosophy more is more and less is ineffective. If you want to change something you can’t expect change will happend doing things ”like it has always used to do” cz-lekarna.com. You have to do things better and you have to be bold enought to challenge ”normal” in every way you can imagine to improve the vitality and attractiveness of the sparcely populated areas. Like in business world the rural areas has to renew them selves if they want to be a competetive in the eyes of the people looking for a place to live or just watch how the municipality slowly dies.. We don’t want it!

ÄlykyläTM is a concept of the living in the future. It is climate friendly, ecological, energy self-sufficient, vital, modern and safe place to live. We enhance communality, joint entrepreneurships, shared economy, friendly neighbourhood, circular economy and cooperation in the villages and outside of the villages. Smart technology in houses and in the village’s Smart grid increases the quality of living and is saving the energy.

In this point we are planning first Smart Village to Utajärvi. GeoHouse Älykylä will be the showcase of our concept.